LEDs Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Energy Consumption:

 LED's can reduce up to 70% of a company's energy output.  

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch to LED Lighting ASAP:

LEDs Improve Appearances:

They say first appearances are everything. Changing to LED can literally improve the ambient lighting of your office space, warehouse or factory, giving a more even distribution of light which has a more natural effect. 

Energy Saving Analysts and Contractors​

Utility Bills are complex and a majority of companies are overpaying. Our experts will review your accounts, both gas and electric, to eliminate mistakes and take advantage of missed opportunities. The best part is, we work on a contingent basis. If we find nothing, you pay nothing. 

LEDs are our Future:

Incandescent will soon be harder and harder to purchase. Studies show that by 2018, most high consumption lighting options will not be available to the consumer. 


Offering convenient one stop shop at competitive rates for small to large business maintenance needs. We have built a reputation for quality work and exceptional value and we expect nothing less from every member of our team. Let us put our experience, dedication and our quality standards to work for you. For a list of what we offer please visit here. SERVICES


We pride ourselves in offering our customers the newest energy efficient lighting technologies. As a leader in the lighting retrofit industry, and experts with nation wide utility rebate programs and tax deductions we offer turn key projects for little or NO out of pocket costs. 

​Utility Cost Recovery Services


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Switching to LED's Can Make you MONEY:

Let our knowledge help you take advantage of utility incentives and tax deductions through our state and federal governments. Call us now to find out how. 

Facility Maintenance Services



LEDs Last Longer then Incandescent Lights: Lower maintenance and replacement costs means $$$ back in your budgets. 

  Saving Your Business Time and Money is our Top Priority!